Quality Powder Coating - Dallas
Line 1 is over 750 feet long with a multiple stage pretreatment system. Part dimensions can range up to approximately 4 feet wide x 5 feet high. This line is constructed of an I-Beam chain system, allowing us to coat a variety of items in large or small quantities, cost effectively and efficiently. We can change color without stopping the line in approximately 10-15 minutes.
Line 2 is a 5 stage pretreatment system that is compliant with the AAMA 2605 specification. Quality Powder Coating uses a five stage chrome free pretreatment system. Aluminum is properly cleaned and pretreated with a multi stage cleaning and pretreatment system to remove organic and inorganic surface soils and residual oxides. The pretreatment applies a chemical conversion coating to the aluminum substrate to which the organic powder coating will firmly adhere. This line has been approved by select manufacturers to apply fluoropolymer (architectural grade coatings such as Kynar) on aluminum parts and extrusions. It is capable of handling up to 25 foot lengths of extrusions.