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Quality Powder Coating - Dallas
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What is Decorative Powder Coating?

Before seeing it with your own eyes, could you even imagine a powder coated finish that looks just like wood, marble, or granite? And it is NOT A LAMINATE. We can do any size extrusion up to 24’6 “ long and any flat metal or aluminum up to 3’9” x 15’ in size.

The next generation of powder coating is here. In this time of LEED and GREEN builds, powder coating now offers a cosmetically appealing substitute for wood and natural stone without harming the environment. As we search to integrate alternative materials into today’s building and design, this new process allows for conservation of our natural resources as well as an alternative to conventional finishes. With low to no VOC’s, powder coating is paving the way for a greener future. This process provides an end finish that realistically resembles wood, marble, granite and several other computer generated patterns including, but not limited to, water, bubbles, carbon fiber and even personal logos. It is durable enough to be used in interior, exterior, and high traffic architectural applications and can expand your marketability and differentiate your product from your competitors. They are easy to clean and do not require the constant upkeep of wood products, can be created in either a smooth gloss or textured finish, can be used where fire codes prohibit wood, will not deteriorate due to weather and corrosion and of course you will never have to worry about termites. You can eliminate weight and cost barriers incurred by heavier woods and stone, create “wood” designs without the expensive forming process and use “wood” in projects where building codes require metal. It will give you the look of high end wood grains, marbles, and granites with the durability of powder coating. Additionally, it offers high resistance toward all atmospheric agents and is resistant to heat, acids, humidity, salt and detergents. All of the powders used are made in a TGIC free super durable formulation and meet the performance requirements listed in AAMA 2603 and AAMA 2604-2.

Decorative Color

As the architectural industry searches for alternative materials to meet the growing demand for LEED and GREEN builds,

Quality Powder Coating is proud to say that we are one of the first companies to bring this cutting edge technology to the U.S.

In addition to the new wood grain and natural stone powder coatings, we are also certified applicators of 70% & 100% fluoropolymer architectural grade coatings

Photographs are for illustrative purposes only to depict typical applications of standard, architectural and decorative powder coating that can be or have been supplied by Quality Powder Coating.